We are Stack Modular. A custom steel modular construction partner that delivers at scale. Learn more about who we are, how we work, and how we build. We believe in building better in every way. From the materials we use, technologies we implement, and the partnerships we execute with. Learn more about our story and our process in our video below.

Jim Dunn (00:00):

Today, Stack Modular is, bar none, the best quality manufacturer of volumetric steel modular buildings.

Geoff Baker (00:07):

I come from a background in wood construction. I spent ten years doing that. And I made the jump to modular steel construction. I’ve got to tell you, it is the best building system out there. Steel allows us to break out of that mould. We can do a complex design; we can overhang, we can cantilever, and we can project balconies. Things you simply cannot do with wood, steel modular construction provides us with the ability to do.

Jim Dunn (00:26):

We’re delivering projects here on budget, on time. When I say on time, we’re delivering projects a year sooner, and often that should have been if they went conventionally with traditional construction methods. Matt Hallaran (00:34): When you can execute a project 30% to 50% faster, that’s great on a single project. But when you take that over a decade and look at how many more projects as a company you can complete, it has a huge impact.

Jim Dunn (00:46):

We plan on craning about eight modules a day, so that’s often about 8,000 to 10,000 square feet a day of stackable product. So if you’re over top of a 100,000-square-foot building, you’re stacked in approximately a week. It’s a pretty neat vision to sit on a corner and realize that a building went up in a week and last week, that was a foundation.

Matt Hallaran (01:04):

People often may not realize that construction materials originate in factories in Asia. We’ve had a procurement team set up in Shanghai for the last 12 years vetting factories. Stack Modular can go to the factory source and procure those materials, removing the middleman that gets it to North America and unlocking that value for our clients. We manufacture our buildings in three CSA-certified manufacturing facilities in China. We have our design team and our North American procurement teams here integrating with design teams and clients and really bridging that gap,

Geoff Baker (01:35):

I think one of the most incredible things about the way the Stack Modular works is that our fabrication is happening in a different time zone; you can literally go to bed and wake up in the morning and see the progress that’s happened on your project. Our technology allows our clients to log in and physically view the production floor. We have a 360 camera that’s placed in all the different modules. They can zoom in, they can look up, they can look down, they can see how that lightbox is installed, and they have access to that 24 hours a day.

Geoff Baker (02:01)

With the combination of Stack Modular and our partner Bird Construction, a combined 5,000 plus employees and 100 years of track record and over 1.4 million square feet of production capacity worldwide, there isn’t a project we can’t handle.

Jim Dunn (02:15):

When I say that Stack Modular and Bird Construction are the largest and best modular/contracting partnership, it’s because we’ve done it. It’s because we’ve been doing it for years. It’s because we’ve executed. The opportunity for us to deliver our modules with a partner that filled the holes we did not fill, it made a ton of sense, and our clients are the ones benefiting currently from this partnership.

Matt Hallaran (02:31):

A turnkey construction partner means that we can take a project from conception through to occupancy as a modular provider, which is quite rare in our industry today. We’re fully integrated with our clients, stakeholders, design teams and the general contracting partner. We are joined to the hip throughout the project. It really truly is a marriage of all the stakeholders.

Geoff Baker (02:54):

Very few companies can handle the complexity of projects that we do. All these have logistical challenges that many companies just haven’t dealt with. Many companies come and go in our industry. We’ve seen people come in with big flashy budgets and produce a lot of nothing. When choosing a modular construction partner, it’s important to look at what that company’s actually produced, physical buildings on the ground. And I’m confident the Stack Modular has delivered more steel modular projects than any other builder in North America.

Matt Hallaran (03:20):

Steel frame modular will be front and center for people to see, and I think we’ll see some inspiring projects go up in the coming years.

Jim Dunn (03:27):

I believe we’re not just leading a charge here for Stack Modular; I believe we’re leading the charge on the construction revolution.

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