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In Partnership with Bird Construction, Stack Manufactures Purpose-Built Structural Steel Modular Buildings for Residential, Hospitality, Commercial & Resource Sectors. We Leverage our Global Supply Chain and Logistics to Manufacture the Most Economic Modular Steel Structures on Earth, Finished With Some of the Best Construction Products, Fixtures and Furnishings on the Global Market Today.


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Our modern, innovative modular technology enables Stack to deliver large scale projects in significantly shorter construction cycles thereby limiting market exposure to our clients. 



Our expertise in sourcing and logistics means your next remote hospitality project will be delivered ahead of schedule, with high quality and cost effective hardware for your guests to enjoy.

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Stack has delivered some of the most durable and comfortable workforce housing solutions to the resource sectors in Canada, USA & Mexico.



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In collaboration with Bird Construction, IBI Architects & RDH Envelope engineering, Stack Modular has developed a high-rise prototype for the North American market that can be erected and completed significantly faster than conventional construction methods.  

The Stack system can reach over 25 storeys and reduces your on-site schedule and subsequent exposure to market and labour price risks.  

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Optimally Positioned to Deliver Your Next Project Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule

Stack Modular is the leading manufacturer of modular construction projects in China, delivered primarily to North American clients.  We serve all locations around the globe with the capacity to build all size projects.  Our in-house North American engineering and design team works alongside the client to tailor each feature to request and certified to your local building code.

Utilizing high-grade structural steel and North American certified products, Stack Modular builds some of the most durable, fire resistant buildings in the marketplace today.  Our building practices allow us to provide you with the highest quality product, with pricing and delivery unmatched by our competitors.


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Certified to the Highest Standards