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Careers : Stack Modular

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Be a part of our team, where we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the way we treat each other and our partners. You will build a career and long-lasting relationships based on respect, collaboration and a solution-focused mindset. Bird is a place where you will unlock your potential and achieve your goals.

Why work with Stack Modular?

Architectural Technologist

Beatrice Santos

Working at Stack Modular has been a highly rewarding experience for me. As a leader in innovative design and construction, the opportunities for my professional growth and development are immense. I found myself to be a part of a team that’s constantly expanding the boundaries of what’s possible with Revit, and consequently encourages me to challenge myself to explore new and innovative design solutions.

Project manager - South Asia

Shane Anderson

Working in Manufacturing and Project Management out of China for the last few years has opened my eyes to a new world of the industry. I’ve gained insights and knowledge about global logistics and foreign materials that I never would’ve gained working out of North America. The challenges are different and the atmosphere is electric, but the job is the same at the end of the day.

Procurement Intern


Stack has a very relaxing working atmosphere, and every colleague is friendly and professional to reach out. As a former intern, I had a real enthusiasm for the work that Stack has arranged for me. I was mostly helping the procurement team with finding parts needed in the project by researching online. Meanwhile. Lizzie shared and taught me some supply chain workflow and gave me a brief idea of how stack takes a project from scratch to finish. I have learned a lot from working with them.

Stack Benefits

With Stack you will have access to our full comprehensive benefits program, including health and dental insurance.

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Learning and Development

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Health and Wellness

Flexible working hours, health and wellness benefits, engagement activities, and other employee perks.

Learning and Development

Our goal is to create and sustain an open and transparent learning culture that promotes continuous improvement, shared accountability, and personal commitment to our individual and collective success. We believe that employees should drive their career development by having access to technical and soft-skills training.