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Stack Modular is a leading manufacturer of large scale, steel frame modular construction projects across North America. In partnership with Bird Construction, one of Canada’s largest general contractors, Stack is led by a team of North American designers, engineers, trades & logistics experts. With over 98 years of construction excellence, you can count on our team to take pride in delivering your next project.

Manufacturing and Logistics Process

Stack team
Stack Modular is led by the executive team, comprised of senior staff in leadership positions across the organization.
Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn, President and founder of Stack Modular, was born and raised outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At a young age, he eagerly ventured outside the borders of Alberta and found himself living in Saskatchewan, Pennsylvania, California, and Africa. His global travels, subsequent university degrees in Civil Engineering & Architecture, and professional career as an engineer all contributed to his eventual arrival into China.

It was in Shanghai, China where Jim created one of the first Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE) owned solely by a Canadian. After having created Stack Modular, Mr. Dunn went on to hire architects, engineers, and project managers from Canada, USA, and China to oversee the procurement, quality, and delivery of modular buildings to the rest of the world.

Evan Pallister Gould
Vice President, Design

Evan is a Director on the Stack Modular Board and VP of Design. After graduating from Lehigh University, Evan began his career in California as a designer for an architectural firm specializing in premium custom homes serving clients throughout the West Coast and Hawaii.  He later joined Jim Dunn’s then newly-created international trade business in Shanghai, China. Here he was instrumental in forging relationships with international companies, building in-house departments, managing projects, and directing design & engineering initiatives.  From those modest beginnings grew Stack Modular, a design-build firm specializing in modular buildings for the North American market with projects ranging from high-end modular homes to multi-story resorts. He currently oversees all design operations.

Wes Krantz
Vice President, Manufacturing

Wes Krantz is the VP of Manufacturing for Stack Modular Structures Hong Kong Ltd., (Stack). Wes is responsible for overseeing production at Stack’s China manufacturing facilities in Zhangjiagang and Changshu, China as well as the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and CSA A-277 compliance and the development of the corporate quality assurance manual. Prior to joining Stack in 2013, Wes worked for Global Building Solutions (GBS) in Shanghai, China. Wes has lived and worked in China for nearly 25 years. In his free time Wes enjoys reading, bicycling and the occasional game of darts.

Andy Berube
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Andy is a Stack Modular Board of Director and as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he is responsible for the expansion of Stack Modular’s brand and global market presence.  Andy’s 25 years of development experience spans over multiple industries and has spent the last 5 years working with stakeholders within the hospitality, multi-family, senior and student housing sectors to understand best practices when implementing a strategy that combines both conventional and modular methods of construction.   Andy is an active volunteer in the community and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his family, camping, snowboarding, playing golf and hockey.

Jason Kielau
Vice President, Operations

Jason has twenty years of experience in the modular construction industry, including progressively senior roles at a multinational modular builder. A native of Calgary, AB, Jason earned a business degree at McGill University followed by an international career with postings in Canada, England, Hungary and Chile. Jason has completed projects on 5 continents and over 30 countries, including some of the largest projects constructed with the modular construction methodology. At Stack, Jason is responsible for developing growth strategies while executing multiple projects and enhancing the overall operational capability of the company.

Matt Hallaran
Director of Project Development

Matt Hallaran serves as Director of Project Development for Stack Modular and overseas business development, marketing and project operations for the company. Originally from Vancouver, Matt has lived throughout Canada, US & Asia where he has worked extensively in the real estate and clean energy industries.  Before joining Stack, Matt served as an operations consultant for the solar and wind divisions of SunEdison in San Francisco where he focused on project efficiencies and cost reductions. Matt is now committed to bringing modular into the mainstream by delivering successful projects with Stack.

Lizzie Zhong
General Manager

Lizzie is a General Manager who plays a vital role in all project activities including everything from project bidding to project turnover. Lizzie has more than 7 years experience in modular construction. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, Lizzie’s expertise lies in project budgeting, supply chain management, sourcing, import and export. Lizzie collaborates with manufacturers, architects, engineers and other construction specialists whilst supervising all procurement operations and logistics, providing a seamless link between Western and Eastern cultures with her excellent knowledge of Chinese customs. Her strong relationships with manufacturers and carriers all over the world, especially within China, ensures all negotiations and operations are successfully accomplished.

Geoff Baker
Senior Project Manager

Before joining Stack, Geoff co-founded a modular building manufacturer in 2010. There he was instrumental in the design, procurement, construction, delivery, and installation of over 300 modular buildings in a wide range of sizes. This extensive industry experience, along with Geoff’s 22 years in business-related leadership roles involving operations, finance, and management, serves him well as Senior Project Manager with Stack.

The remarkable diversity of modular build projects Geoff has overseen has provided him with a great deal of knowledge regarding the challenges and benefits of modular construction. Nevertheless, should project-related roadblocks arise, Geoff rarely takes NO for an answer. Instead, he will proficiently research, discover, and apply a feasible workaround solution to meet the needs of the client. Geoff finds it incredibly rewarding to do all he can to successfully transition Stack’s modular build projects step by step, on time and on budget, from concept to completion.

Shane Anderson
Project Manager

Shane is a Shanghai-based Project Manager at Stack Modular. He’s responsible for both back-end operations as well as front-facing client relations on the ground in China. Prior to joining the team, he worked for a variety of international schools in a number of administrative positions, and before that was an Officer in the Canadian Forces. Having grown up in a family of tradesmen, Shane taps into his previous professions by delivering knowledge lessons to the team through in-class training sessions, while also teaching hands- on classes for innovative new products being used on active builds. He spends the lion’s share of his free time waiting for the Canada-side ops team to wake up and respond to his emails. But every now and again he gets out to play some ice hockey.

Jason Corbett
Estimator/Pre-Construction Manager

Jason is a passionate and collaborative team player. Influenced by the concepts of the Integrated Project Delivery model (IPD), he believes every project has a chance to harness the knowledge of designers, consultants and sub-trades to bring projects in at cost and on schedule. He brings a client-care mentality to all projects based on his many years as an entrepreneur, ready to tackle any concern an owner might have. He is graduate of BCIT’s Construction Estimating Program and started out in construction at a young age, building houses with his architect father. He became aware of Stack working on bids with General Contractor Bird Construction and quickly understood the potential of modular construction in terms of buildability in today’s market. Jason has 7 years of experience as a residential remodeler, 2 years as Estimator at Bird Construction and is working towards his PQS designation.

Xaira Perez
Financial Operations Manager

Xaira is the Financial Operations Manager.  She manages the day-to-day financial operations for the international group of companies of Stack, chiefly overseeing the organization’s financial resources to ensure it achieves its business objectives. Planning, forecasting, and high-level financial reporting are also among her many responsibilities. She currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an ACCA accreditation. Added to these, she brings to the organization valuable international working experience from various European countries.  Xaira is adaptable, resourceful and detail-oriented. She has a positive attitude and always strives for excellence.