Why Go Modular?

  • Speed to Market 

  • Factory Precision

  • Consistent Quality

  • Budgetary Certainty

  • Decreased Site Disturbance

  • Greater Sustainability

  • Improved Safety

At Stack We Take Efficiency a Few Steps Further...

At Stack our goal is to take modular efficiency to the next level. Our advanced supply chain network and manufacturing efficiencies allow our clients to achieve true economies of scale with their construction project.  Quicker project execution and fixed budget pricing means greater control over your bottom line.  Learn more in our brochure below.  


Build with Steel and the Sky is the Limit

Stack Modular buildings are all built with 100% structural steel frames which enables developers and architects to build much taller than wood framed buildings.  With our building technology, our clients can begin to think outside of the box when considering building height limitations.